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90 Second Stories - Episode Eleven - Scared

90 Second Stories - Episode Eleven - Scared

90 Second Stories - Episode Eleven - Scared. Stories once a week told in 90 seconds. Episode Eleven tells a story of man's childhood memories of overcoming being scared. Special guest music by Will Rixon Performed and Written by Gareth Brierley From the team who brought you “PITCHES” Award Winner of Festigious BEST WEB SERIES 2019 Award Winner of CKF International Film Festival BEST WEB SERIES 2019 Bronze Award winner International Independent Film Awards 2019 The Monkey Bread Tree Award: Best Standup: Gareth Brierley in Pitches Nominated for 'Best Writing" and "Best Comedy" and part of the official section of Stareable Festival 2019 New York. London- Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival SPECIAL MENTION Official Selection for Top Shorts Film festival 2019. International Online Web OFFICIAL SELECTION Fest 2019. First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2020 OFFICIAL SELECTION The Monkey Bread Tree Awards 2019 OFFICIAL SELECTION Official Selection Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival 2020 'The Message' Awards "Special Mention" UK Seasonal Short Film Festival SUMMER 2020 Semi Finalist The Flight Deck Film Festival 2020 Semi Finalist The Alternative Film. Festival 2020 This is a White Rabbit production Please subscribe, like and leave a comment Our Patreon is here- for the monthly cost of a slightly expensive coffee but much more invigorating, you can get our undying gratitude and some other stuff too.